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lottery We love the fact that the Lottery creates new millionaires every week, playing these amazing games could become a life changing experience for you too!

Our website gives you all the information you need to decide which Lotto games to play as well as how to play them. Whether it’s Lotto, Powerball, Mega Millions or Euro millions we give you the low down on how to play them to make sure you have the best chance of winning!

How do you choose your lucky numbers?

We all have our tried and tested methods when it comes to choosing our lucky numbers for the Lotto. Most people use birthday, anniversary or graduation dates, but how many of you leave the choice up to the computer?

Well, it seems many of you do, and there could be something in it according to experts you can also check river nile casino for latest update casino news in USA . Choosing random numbers doesn’t increase your chance of a win because the odds will remain identical based on six numbers. However, if you do let the computer choose your numbers, your share of the prize fund could be larger if you are lucky.

The reason behind this is simple – most people choose their birthday numbers as their lucky digits, therefore numbers 1-31 tend to be the most frequently ticketed.

Whatever your strategy for playing the Lotto we hope our site brings you lots of luck! With technology being the oldest and thanks to new age advancement, it’s slowly becoming the fastest way of playing any lotto game online. Think of how many lotto inspired casino games, online games, some of which are played at a number of Australian online casinos and various online portals. all of which have successfully changed how we play the lotto.

The changing face of Lotto – Powerball!

powerball jackpotThe Powerball Jackpot is won when you match the 5 white balls in any order and 1 red Powerball. The great thing with this game is when you win you have the option to choose a cash lump sum payment or you can have your winnings paid every year over a 29 year period giving you a fabulous annual income!

The Evolution of Lotto

Lotto Games have evolved so much since they began.

Twenty five million people tuned into the first UK National Lottery, it was drawn on a Saturday evening on 19th November 1994. The very first jackpot was £5.9 million. The first draw failed to make anyone an outright millionaire, but seven lucky winners did scoop a very cool £840,000 each and one million people matched 3 balls and each won £10!

Due to its burgeoning success, in 1997 a Wednesday draw was announced so you had two chances to win every week.

In 2002 Lottery was rebranded LOTTO to give it a more contemporary edge and encourage a new generation of players.

Since then we have introduced so many new Lotto games, every country has their own games and jackpots. Euromillions thrives throughout the whole of Europe and Powerball and Mega Millions are huge market of best online casinos in the USA.

The prize funds have dramatically increased too, in January 2016 the Powerball Jackpot rollover was standing at almost $1.6 billion!In It To Win It Slot

More games, more opportunities to win, and with the ever increasing cost of living people are willing to spend a few pounds, dollars or euros every week with the hope that six numbers can change their lives.